my cooking

Oysters in an acidic bouillon with sesame
Red mullet in spiced butter with tomato
Mackerel and pineapple
Shrimps and olives, veiled in Zibello bacon
calf's head and beans opus
Fillet of monkfish, with barberries
Eel, ceps with sage and ham
Artichoke gnochetti with poutargue
Artichauts à la Juive
Chestnut and blackcurrant Mikimoto
Caramelised brioche slices, coffee, sherry vinegar and raspberries
Mango truffle
Oysters in an acidic bouillon with sesame
I select hollow oysters from Marennes-Oléron because they are fleshy and a great delicacy. The oyster is barely poached in a rolling bouillon, infused with Kombu, dry white wine and orange zest. It is then seasoned with spices and white sesame. This dish is best eaten really fresh. It's a delight.